Online Access to Medical Records

Activating access to view more detailed elements of your medical record online is, understandably, subject to strict guidelines. 

You must consider how secure your own access is to protect your confidentiality. 

We have to adhere to strict protocols to ensure that you produce the necessary proof of identity.

Each application is assessed individually and may take up to 21 working days.

You may also use this to access your child's medical information - however, this too is strictly monitored and when a child reaches the age of 10 the access has to be reviewed.

for further information please see the leaflet below and for access please complete the attached forms as appropriate and bring it in person to the surgery with photo ID such as your passport or driving licence with photo and proof of residence such as a household bill or bank statement dated within the last three months.


General information:                         Information leaflet

Application / Consent form:               Online Medical Record Access

Application/Consent form for child:    Online Medical Record Access 3rd party